The Academy has a simple uniform which we expect all students to wear:

- Blazer with Academy logo (compulsory).

- Tie in house colours with logo (compulsory).

- White blouse or shirt.

- Plain black jumper with or without sleeves.

- Plain black trousers or plain black skirt, knee or ankle length.

- Plain black shoes not trainers.

- Salwar Kameez and headscarves may be worn and should be plain black.

Students will be expected to wear a blazer and tie with these items. Blazers should be worn at all times.

For Health and Safety reasons, we also ask students to observe these rules:

- One pair of earrings may be worn but should not be excessively large. If the Academy considers earrings present a Health and Safety risk, they may be challenged.

- No earrings should be worn in PE lessons.

- One nose stud may be worn. Multiple studs are not allowed.

- No other facial piercings.

- Hats and caps are not allowed to be worn at any time.

PE Kit

- Royal blue polo shirt with logo (supplied by Clive Mark).

- Black tracksuit bottoms with single white piping (supplied by Clive Mark).

- Reversible rugby shirt (supplied by Clive Mark).

- Socks for everyday wear.

- Trainers for PE Activities.

Uniform and PE kit Supplier

A. Oakes Limited

174-180 Vicarage Road

Oldbury B68 8JB

Telephone: 0121 552 1684

Open: Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 5.30pm

Wednesday 9.00am - 12.30pm