Primary Study Support is an after school programme run by Shireland staff at Shireland Collegiate Academy for Year 6 pupils in the Autumn Term and Year 5 pupils in the Spring and Summer Term.

During the Autumn Term, each Year 6 child is offered 2 subject experiences each of which are broken down into 5 theme sessions. The experiences available are:

Digital Technology - "Amazing Animations"

Use Shireland’s state-of-the-art IT equipment to develop and apply animation skills to a range of different media.

English - "Persuasive Powers"

Use your powers of persuasion to sell a holiday of a lifetime. Create your very own holiday brochure, devise a script and film and edit your own TV advertisement using green screen technology.

Science - "CREST Star Award"

CREST Star is an award scheme enabling pupils to solve science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) problems through practical investigation.

Food Technology - "The Shireland Cook Off"

Create a variety of mouth watering sweet and savoury dishes such as fruit scones, fajitas, smoothies and Thai spring rolls all from scratch.

History & Literacy - "The Horrid Home Front"

This inspiring and thought provoking topic looks at the experience and effect that World War 2 had on the people of Britain.

Geography - "Creating your own Country"

Your challenge is to create a successful country as we examine maps, flags and cultures across the entire globe.

Textiles - "Big Ben to Big Apple"

Work as part of a group to produce a mixed media banner comparing New York and London using printing and felting.

Enterprise - "Enterprise Me"

Each of the sessions at Shireland involves challenges and activities that develop your teamwork, communication, research, analytical and problem solving skills.

ICT - "Code Conqueror"

Use Shireland’s wide range of programming software to create and program your very own computer game over 5 fun practical sessions. The session also supports mathematical and logical thinking.

Mathematics - "Unlocking the secrets behind Algebra"

SOLVE, SOLVE, SOLVE… The “algebra cracking” sessions help you with the concept of basic algebra and how to apply this knowledge to solve problems.

Music - "Music Mayhem"

Develop your rhythmical skills, essential in music, and study different types of drumming including Samba from Brazil and Dhol from India.

Design Technology - "The F1 Challenge"

Use a whole host of software and learn the tips to make your car the fastest. Design and create your very own model of an F1 car.

In the Spring Term the focus shifts to Year 5 with a set of 10 different subject experiences to showcase the breadth of subjects at secondary school. In the Summer Term sessions revert to in depth half termly experiences with the Year 5 pupils.