Shireland Sixth Form


A Level Art & Design Textiles

Course Overview

Studying the course

Textiles at A Level is taught through the Art and Design specification and introduces students to the exciting world of design through textiles design, fashion, interior and textiles installation.

This course will give students a wide variety of experiences exploring a range of textile media, techniques and processes, including both traditional and new technologies including CAD/ CAM. The traditional skills include; dying, printing, embellishing, weaving, pattern making and manufacturing processes. The CAD/ CAM skills include; the use of the laser cutter for cutting or engraving patterns and shapes into fabric and the use of the computerised embroidery machine.

Career pathways

This course can lead you to many exciting career pathways such as:
• Fashion Design
• Textiles Design
• Interior Design
• Retail Buying and Merchandising
• Fashion Stylist
• Illustrator
• Fashion Journalist
• Trend Reporter

Course overview

The course will be broken down into two sections:
Component 1: Personal Portfolio. (Worth 60% of the A Level)
This will be a broad project based on a chosen theme where students can reflect on personal experiences, observations and recordings. They will develop skills from their research and present their whole project as a final piece.

Component 2: Externally Set Assignment (Worth 40% of the A Level)
This assignment will draw together the knowledge, understanding and skills developed in Component 1.
Students must present personal response(s) to an externally set broad-based thematic starting point, set by the exam board.

Both components allow students opportunities to:
• develop and explore ideas
• research primary and contextual sources
• experiment with media, materials, techniques and processes
• present personal response(s) to the chosen or externally-set theme.

Course assessment

You will be centre assessed and then externally moderated for both Components at the end of Year 2.