"Gifted and talented" describes children and young people with one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of the year group.

‘Gifted’ refers to students who are particularly able or excel in one or more academic subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, RE and Languages.

‘Talented’ students are those who have special ability or potential in Art, Music, Dance, Drama and Physical Education.

How do we Identify our Gifted and Talented Students?

Literacy for Life

- Within the Year 7 L4L admissions policy there are 10% of places for students with a particular aptitude in the Arts. These students are invited to the Academy for a short, informal interview where they will talk about their creative interests

- Years 8 and 9 – based on data from previous years and information from students L4L/ subject teachers

Key Stage 4

- Students are identified through the interim assessment data by subject staff

- Target grades of A*-A in specific subject disciplines

- Gifted students will be assessed in their practical lessons and through success in external activities

A Gifted and Talented register is compiled. All staff within individual departments are made aware of the list and are requested to differentiate work according to the students’ needs.

Post 16

- Average GCSE scores are used in Year 12 to identify the top students

- Feedback from Head of Year 11 is used at the beginning of Year 12

- Feedback from teaching staff throughout the Academic year

What the Academy will do to support your child?

We have a responsibility to meet the educational needs of all students. With respect to our gifted and talented students, Shireland Collegiate Academy will do the following:

- Have a Senior Teacher with an overview for G&T

- Monitor student progress to maximize achievement

- Put into practice the Academy policy for gifted and talented students

- Identify the gifted and talented students and ensure that all staff are aware of their specific learning needs

- Provide suitably challenging work/activities in lessons

- Ensure all subject areas have provision for G&T students in all years and deliver activities and enrichment within the Focus Day and Achievement Week structure

- Provide all students with access to GCSEPod, SAM Learning, Tute and other software packages developed to maximise learning

- Support access to extra-curricular opportunities beyond the school day

Supporting your Child at Home

- Set time aside each day to talk with your child

- Provide resources to support learning at home, for example access to books, internet and Academy programmes which aid learning (SAM Learning, GCSEPod, Tute, etc)

- Take the time to develop positive relationships with your child’s teachers

- Find out about support for gifted and talented students

- Encourage your child to participate in extra-curricular activities at school and beyond, including study support and summer school