Apps for Good

Shireland is a partner school for the "Apps for Good" Programme and was their "School of the Year" in 2012.

In 2013 we became the first "Ninja School" that supports other schools in the region.


Shireland have entered into partnership with in developing our Computer Science curriculum pathways, and have agreed to be a case study school.


We are now one of the GCSEPod ‘Expert Schools’.

Leading Edge Partnership Programme

Leading Edge is a network for high-performing schools who are committed to:

- working in partnership to raise achievement

- innovation

- sharing practice both within and beyond the network.

Little Bridge

Shireland has been using the award winning Little Bridge EAL online programme in a variety of ways for the last two years. As well as using this with our EAL students we also run a Family Literacy programme, where students come and help use Little Bridge with their parents. It has made an immense impact with our students and families overall.

Living Schools Lab

Living Schools Lab is a project funded by the European Commission and coordinated by European Schoolnet. It includes 12 Ministries of Education and two UK schools including Shireland.

Leading Parent Partnership Award

We pride ourselves in our relationships with families and the local community and are constantly finding new ways to keep families informed about what happens in the Academy. In May 2012 we received the Leading Parent Partnership Award.


We have a national reputation for the use of technology in education and are one of a handful of schools in the UK to be supported by Microsoft.

"Shireland Academy is a leading example of how technology is changing the education sector. The adoption of Surface is a natural evolution for their students, who need a device which can act as both a tablet and a laptop. The addition of the Surface Pen further extends the use of the device within the classroom. We are thrilled that they are choosing to convert all of their laptops and tablets to Surface by late 2017." - Microsoft, October 2015

National College for Teaching & Leadership

The Academy has been successful in securing places under the School Direct Teacher Training Programme with the University of Warwick as our Initial Teacher Training provider.

RM Books

RM Books is a widely used software programme within Shireland Collegiate Academy. Teachers are able to assign ebooks to students ranging for Year 7 up to Post 16. Books can be rented for flexible time periods providing a unique, cost-efficient approach and can be read online using phones and tablets. It provides access to high-quality etextbooks, curriculum titles, fiction and non-fiction, as well as free use of hundreds of classic literature ebooks. Our students have found this a more effective way of reading rather than having a physical book which can be misplaced.

SMART Technologies

Shireland is working with Steljes and SMART Technologies to provide training for teachers in the use of the latest technology. We currently have around 60 interactive SMART boards around the academy which are an integral part of everyday teaching. It is another step towards becoming the Midlands hub for excellence in using technology for learning.

The University of Warwick

We are working in partnership on a number of different projects.

Trend Routing tools, cutters and accessories

Trend have partnered with Shireland Collegiate Academy’s design team, this is an exciting opportunity for both parties and they look forward to working together to further enhance the already outstanding projects that Shireland produce with students year on year.

Whole Education

Shireland is a Whole Education Pathfinder School.