What is the course about?


Every day we are impacted upon by businesses and organisations. How did you get to school? Walking, on the bus or by car? Did you go into a shop? Did you buy anything? The school, whilst not motivated by making a profit, needs to manage resources to maximum effect to improve your education, just like every business.


This course can help explain the financial (money) considerations businesses have to address, how they can make forecasts, act on those forecasts and measure their success. How can you be sure that the things you buy or the services you use are safe, reliable and a fair price? This course will let you know the legal, political, social and economic factors that a business will need to consider, both on a national and local level.


BTEC Business Studies is not all about you starting up a small business but we will give you the opportunity to use the skills needed to sell and communicate with potential customers, it's not all 'sell, sell, sell'. You will also be given the opportunity to apply the skills you lean and work in the school based shop 'All Sorts'. Other exciting opportunities include enterprise day activities, business related trips to theme parks such as Cadbury World and the opportunity to speak to entrepreneurs who are putting aspects of the course into practice.


Subject content:


You are going to learn about a broad range of topics and you will have the opportunity to study the aspects above as well as develop 'soft' skills such as customer service, presentation and literacy skills. There are a total of four units you will study, two of which are mandatory. However, when the time comes to choose your two optional units you will have the chance to discuss these with your teachers, choosing the ones that will best suit your needs.


How will I be assessed?


BTEC qualifications are not graded in the same way as traditional GCSEs. Students will achieve a Pass, Merit, Distinction or a Distinction* which are equivalent to more traditional C,B,A and A* GCSE grades, respectively.


The new BTEC will have work assessed by people outside of the Academy. This will mean that employers, other colleges and universities will have confidence that the qualification has been independently assessed.


External assessment will be by an on-screen, web-based test. The on-screen test can be taken a number of times and is extremely user and student friendly and will include both multiple choice and short form written questions. It will be based around the finance topic.


'Test' can sound very scary to some but these aren't at all scary and your teacher will make sure that you have completely prepared before you sit at the computer. Examples can be seen on the Edexcel website to put you mind at ease if you want to have a little look.


All of the other units will be internally assessed by your teacher just like BTECs have been before. Your teacher will give you an assignment written by a member of staff at this Academy who knows the strengths of our students, and you will need to create a coursework portfolio in an appropriate format.


When most students hear the word 'coursework' they think of hundreds of pages of boring writing or typing. The good thing about BTEC qualifications is that your teacher can assess your knowledge in a wide variety of ways. In a single unit you may be asked to produce a poster or leaflet for one pass criteria; for the next, you may have to write a role play with some of your friends. Your teacher may record your performance and then produce a witness statement to support your scripts and tape. You then may have to use a piece of software called 'Crazy Talk' to create a presentation. Of course, you will be asked to do some written work but your teacher will try and assess you in ways that you are happy with and play to your strengths.


We aren't trying to make lessons uncomfortable, we want you to enjoy coming to Business Studies but we need you to play your part too. Deadlines are very important in a coursework heavy subject. Like a line of dominoes, if you miss one deadline it can affect all the other deadlines for the rest of the unit.

Exam Board - Edexcel/Pearson

What skills are required?


The most important skills you need to succeed in Business are a passion for the subject, a desire to understand the world around you and a drive to fulfil your potential. Your teacher will help and support you 100% but we need you to match that commitment.


You will need to be organised to ensure that you bring the correct equipment to every lesson and to make sure that you hit every deadline.


Why study Business Studies?


The BTEC course offers you a pathway to continue progressing with Business education. Many students are taking the knowledge and skills developed from successfully completing the BTEC course and are making good progress on the Level 3 and A Level courses offered by the Academy at Post 16.


The completion of a BTEC in Business does not mean that you have to become a 'business person' and start your own business. It also doesn't mean that you have to be an accountant or human resources manager. On the other hand you may want to run the finance department in a large international company or you may want to become a teacher. You may want to be in charge of operations in a multinational conglomerate or you may want to become a buyer for a supermarket. The course will allow you to develop a range of skills that mean that you can pursue a career in any field that you are passionate about.


The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. Business studies will give you practical knowledge and skills mixed, with the chance to develop those important functional literacy and numeracy skills.


Additional Information


Watch the news. If you don’t want to sit in front of the TV, download the BBC news ticker. It is a small bar of news information that scrolls across your screen. You may learn something when updating your Facebook page!


Your teachers are here to help. We are always available at lunch or after school to help you to achieve that top grade. – this website was created by a teacher to support his students. It has some very useful activities, PowerPoints, games and podcasts. – this website contains some revision games, theory notes and slide shows. If you wanted to play some business games, the Cadbury game is particularly good.




What is the course about?


Following this course provides an exciting opportunity to study a vibrant subject that will impact on every career path that you could possibly pursue in the future. This course will provide you with skills and knowledge that will develop your ability to be effective in the world of work.


The course will develop your understanding of:


  • What is an entrepreneur?
  • How do you start up a business?
  • How should you advertise?
  • How much should you charge?
  • Where do you get the money you need to set up a business?
  • How do you recruit and manage staff in an expanding business?
  • Will the business benefit from globalisation?


GCSE Business Studies is an interesting and relevant course which looks at how businesses are set up and operate. It explores why some businesses succeed while others fail.


Other exciting opportunities include enterprise day activities, external revision conferences and business related trips to theme parks such as Drayton Manor Park.


Subject content:


During the course you will look at:


  • enterprise and the role of the entrepreneur
  • the ownership and control of a business – from the smallest to the biggest
  • business planning – setting and using aims and objectives
  • the management of people within a business – recruiting and motivating staff
  • marketing – how to influence consumers
  • finance – will the business make any money?
  • production – how goods and services are produced


How will I be assessed?


At the end of this course you will sit two written papers and produce a controlled assessment.


  • Paper 1 – questions based on case studies of a small business and the issues it may face.
  • Paper 2 – questions based on case studies set on medium and large sized businesses.
  • Controlled assessment is a research project based on a small business.

Exam Board - AQA

What skills are required?


To be able to choose this subject you require high academic capabilities and must be targeted a GCSE grade of C or above in both English and Mathematics.

You will also need to develop presentation skills, team working and the perseverance to succeed.


Studying Business Studies may lead to:


This will help you if you go on to study Business Studies at A Level. In addition it will give you an understanding of how businesses operate which will help you prepare for when you leave the Academy. A number of students have successfully gained an A grade in Business Studies at the end of their Post 16 studies. These students have now progressed onto Business related degree courses at university.