At Shireland Collegiate Academy we aim to celebrate our student’s successes and triumphs. We have dedicated part of the student portal to showcase and share some of the success stories of students within and around the Academy. These successes range from sports and academia to arts and community projects.

The aim of the Celebrating Success site is to promote the healthy involvement of students in extra curricula activities and events. Many students have been part of an award winning team or written an outstanding piece of literacy for a competition. We want to share these success stories with the rest of the school so that everyone is aware of the talent we have within Shireland Academy and hopefully, will be inspired to take on such challenges.


Vivo is an innovative electronic rewards system used by the Academy. It uses its own online currency which you can trade for a range of goods or services.

Here are some Q&As that will help understand you Vivo a little better:

What are Vivos awarded for?

There are lots of reward categories that can earn you plenty of Vivos on a daily basis including great academic work, good behaviour, involvement in extra-curricular activities, community work and participation in sports activities.

There are also opportunities for students to earn bonus Vivos each half term including:

- 500 Vivos for "Star Student". This goes to one student (per year) as nominated by each department in the Academy. This could be for aspects such as improvement, progress, effort or quality of class work.

- 250 Vivos for "100% Attendance".

- 500 Vivos for "100% Attendance and Punctuality".

Teachers also regularly update the Extra Earners section of the Vivo site. This is where specific competitions or activities are advertised that you can take part in for extra Vivo rewards.

What kind of rewards can Vivos be traded in for?

A large selection of goods from the Argos catalogue are available on the vShop including sports equipment, beauty products and electronic gadgets, as well as cinema tickets, tenpin bowling tickets, mobile phone top-up, New Look and WH Smith vouchers.

There is also a "My School" section on the vShop which allows you to order products specific to the Academy such as revision guides, uniform items, tokens for the drinks machine and you can even use your Vivos to help pay for Academy trips.

Do we have to spend our Vivos on material goods?

No. The charity module allows students to select a charity and donate the cash-value of their Vivos.