Shireland runs Year 5 Activity Days during the first week of the Summer Holiday, which sees up to 100 pupils attending the two days.

Pupils are able to use the facilities at the Academy and take part in a range of activities which are both educational and enjoyable.

The current activities have a jungle theme.

Design Technology - Wild Warriors

"The Design and Technology department will be working with you to design and manufacture your very own rainforest themed key ring. You will be using the department’s state of the art design software (CAD) and manufacture using the laser cutter (CAM). The design will be entirely your choice and you will be asked to add a personal message or picture of your choice which the laser cutter will engrave onto your work."

Drama - A Journey Through...

"You will be given the opportunity to develop mime and physical theatre skills to create your own mini performance piece called 'A Journey Through...' Your characters will travel on the magical mystery bus to several different locations, including a jungle, the big city and even to outer space. Who knows what creatures your characters will encounter or what adventures they will have? Only you can decide."


"Making merchandising pay in a positive way" - compete in business teams to design and make products to be sold at zoos or wildlife attractions around the UK. Use state-of-the-art design and technology material equipment to make high quality conservation wildlife products such as mugs and jigsaw puzzles."

Food - Pizza Snakes

"Come and explore our food technology classroom and enjoy some adventurous cooking. Here you will design and cook your very own jungle snake pizza, seen on many jungle expeditions.

Design, make and decorate your snake into a shape of your choice, using a wide variety of ingredients and flavours.

Discover the range of equipment and skills used in cooking to produce the best quality, most realistic and life-like snake you can. Who will have what it takes? And who will win the 'taste challenge'?"

Geography - Tribal Glories

"Can you imagine living without your mobile phone laptop or ipod? It’s amazing to think that even today there are tribes and cultures that live in the Amazon rain forest and have no contact with the outside World! We are going to explore different tribes in the Amazon today and look at where and how they live.

We are going to explore their culture, their dress, weapons and general way of life. Then it’s over to you! You are going to recreate your own glorious tribal headdress and cultural belongings as we begin to question whether their lifestyle is at danger in our Modern World. It begs the question... 'Our lifestyle or theirs?'"

ICT - Jungle Motion

"Do you watch cartoons? These are usually computer animated cartoons. During your time at Shireland Year 5 Activity Days you will have the opportunity to plan, design and create your own scene and storyboard for a jungle based cartoon. You will use the process of stop motion animation to create your very own mini cartoon scene."

ICT - Escape to the Jungle

"You will have the chance to take digital photographs of yourself and your friends in a unique jungle pose against a white back drop and then edit the image in Photoshop/Fireworks so that they show that you are ‘escaping to or from the jungle’. You will then place the image of yourself on a unique jungle background."

PE - Jungle Clean Up

"You are walking through the jungle and you come upon an area covered in litter. If this litter is not removed it could harm the animals. You need to work as a team to clean up the jungle, it is a race against time before the animals return to their home. Can you beat the other team to clean up your area of jungle? The team who cleans up first is the winner."

Science - The Wind Power Challenge!!

"You are wandering through the Jungle when your navigation device dies. You are lost and have no way of getting back to camp. What do you do? Your only option is to build a machine which can generate enough electricity to charge your device..

Wind provides us with a renewable source of energy which we can harness to make electricity. During the session you will participate in a challenge during which you are going to build a wind turbine. We will then test each turbine to see which can lift the most weight. The wind turbine which lifts the most weight, and therefore has the potential to generate the most electricity, wins a prize!"